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Lacrosse is described as the fastest game on two feet. The game of lacrosse is fast, physical and exciting, and can be played by all ages and abilities, which is why it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and especially in the UK.

Full lacrosse is played on a field about the size of a football pitch, with 12 players in the womens game and 10 in the mens game, from each team allowed on the pitch at any one time. The aim like other invasion games is to score more goals than the opponent in the opposing goal which is 6 foot by 6. Teams can run with the ball in lacrosse sticks or pass the ball with the sticks. Opposition players are also allowed to check (tackle) the ball out of the sticks.

Pop lacrosse is the junior version of lacrosse and can be played indoors or outdoors. There are eight in a squad, five on the pitch, (six if using a goalkeeper option at over 12) Teams can be mixed or single sex.

One of the best things about lacrosse is how easy it is to get started. In England, an increasingly popular coaching scheme has been introduced into many primary schools which involves professional coaches teaching Pop Lacrosse to pupils. The pupils not only have great fun, but also have the opportunity to join a team and enter the annual National Pop Lacrosse Championships.

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The Active Black Country lead officer for Lacrosse is Alex Martin


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