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This dataset is collected by Sport England as part of the Active Lives Survey. This indicator provides data relating to excess weight in adults. It shows the number of adults aged 18+ with a BMI classified as overweight (including obese) calculated from the adjusted height and weight variables. Adults are defined as overweight (including obese) if their body mass index (BMI) is greater than or equal to 25kg/m2.

The data is collected as part of Sport England’s Active Lives Survey. It is known that adults tend to underestimate their weight and overestimate their height when providing self-reported measurements and the extent to which this occurs can differ between population groups. Therefore, prevalence of excess weight (overweight including obese) calculated from self-reported data is likely to produce lower estimates than prevalence calculated from measured data.

Differences between self-reported and measured height and weight vary in a systematic way, primarily as a function of age and sex. This systematic variation can be described by formulas which may be used to adjust self-reported height and weight measurements at an individual level to give likely actual height and weight.

Active Lives self-reported height and weight have been adjusted at individual level using formulas estimated with Health Survey for England (HSE) data from 2012 to 2014. HSE collects data on both self-report and measured height and weight from the same individuals and this allows adjustment formulas to be estimated.

Data in this table is for 2016-17. There is no Black Country level data available for adult obesity rates.

% with Excess Weight

West Midlands63.6%



All four Black Country local authorities have a considerably higher proportion of adults with excess weight (including obesity) than the national average. Whilst Black Country level is not available, the local authority rates indicate that more than two-thirds of Black country adults have excess weight.

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