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Volunteering to Support Sport and Physical Activity – Adults 2019


This dataset, produced by Sport England as part of the Active Lives Survey, covers May 2019 to November 2019. The indicator in this table is measured as having volunteered at least twice over the previous 12 months to support sport and physical activity across various roles. Data were collected by asking people which unpaid activities from a list they had given their time to do – ‘raising funds’ was excluded when this was the sole role undertaken.

There were 2,180 Black Country respondents. Data is not provided at local level for this indicator.


% Volunteering to support sport and physical activity at least twice in the last 12 months

Black Country


West Midlands12.5%


Across all the Active Partnerships, the Black Country had the lowest rate for volunteering to support sport or physical activity at least twice in the last 12 months.

The Black Country is 4.8 percentage points lower than the national average.