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Active Travel

Active or Sustainable Travel encourages a mode shift to get people out of their cars and moving more through cycling and walking. There are significant amounts of investments being proposed to develop Cycling corridors (safe segregated cycle lanes) and canal towpaths to better connect the Black Country cycling and walking infrastructure.

Cycling and walking infrastructure developments are in parallel with advancements in rail and a new metro line extension to enhance connectivity for Black Country residents. These investments are being rolled out in conjunction with initiatives to encourage behaviour change of Black Country residents.

Inclusive cycling

Approximately 52.6% of the Black Country disabled population or those with long term limiting illnesses are inactive. Research and consultation with wider stakeholders have revealed a distinct lack of disability cycling provision across the Black Country. We are currently working with partners to formulate a plan to create Inclusive Cycling Hubs across the Black Country from various parks/open spaces. If you would like to know more please contact Daniel Allen.

Accessible and inclusive communication is important when attempting to reach more people including disabled people as information has to be in a range of formats to effectively raise awareness.

Providers of physical activity targeting disabled groups may need to consider how to adapt in terms of space, equipment and support depending on the level of impairment of the audience.

Workforce development in building capacity across the workforce to provide a better skilled, confident and competent workforce in delivering physical activity for disabled people. Key to this is increased numbers of disabled people becoming qualified coaches and leaders and more volunteers and support workers to support delivery.

If you would like further information please contact Amy Baker on

Community Cycling Clubs are led by Cycling UK targeting areas of deprivation across the Black Country. The premise of a Community Cycle club is to provide a local community with access to led rides in a safe space which is usually a local park or open space to provide people with the confidence to ride. Additionally, community cycle clubs provide the community with access to bikes and learn to ride programmes. To build long term sustainability of a community cycle club volunteers are upskilled as ride leaders and also trained in bike maintenance as it expected that the community take over ownership of the cycling club.

Active Black Country have been supporting Community Cycling clubs by providing support through investment, upskilling the workforce and by supporting Cycling UK to identify new potential Community Cycle clubs. Find your local club below:

Palfrey Mens Community Cycling Club


1.30pm – 2.30pm

Meeting Point: Palfrey Park, Seedhut, WS1 4AN  

Ride around the park. Bikes available for use.

(first come first served basis)

Lightwoods Community Cycle Club


10am – 11am

Meeting Point: Lightwoods House Reception, Adkins Ln, Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5DP

Get back into Cycling. Bikes Available for use. Advance booking required.

Contact Alex Mason - 0121 569 4740

Palfrey Womens Community Cycle Club


9am – 11.30am

Meeting Point: Palfrey Park, Seedhut, WS1 4AN  

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling, Ride round the park.

Limited number of bikes available to use. (first come first served basis)

Smethwick Beat The Streets Community Cycle Club


12.30pm – 1.30pm

Meeting Point: Smethwick Fire Station, Stony Ln, Smethwick B67 7QW

Family Cycling – Learn to Ride sessions.

Bikes Available. Advance booking required for sessions and bike use.

Contact Sam – 07811 757502

Walsall Arboretum Community Cycle Club


10am – 11.30am

Meeting Point: The Clock Tower, Walsall Aboretum,  WS1 2QB

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling and led rides. Bikes available for use. (first come first served basis)

Walsall Bike Project

Walsall Bike Collection & recycling for community projects incl. maintenance training.

Contact Walsall Bike project to enquire about maintenance courses in your area.

Contact Steve : 07988058862

Aaina Ladies Community Cycle Club


10.30am – 11.45am

Meeting Point: Palfrey Park, Seedhut, WS1 4AN  

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling and rides around the park. Bikes available for use. (first come first served basis)

Willenhall Community Cycle Club


10am – 11am

Meeting Point: On the Car park by the garages, Willenhall Memorial Park, off Pinson Rd, Willenhall WV13 2PW

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling and rides around the park. Bikes available for use. Advance booking required for sessions and bike use. Contact Nigel: 07889208051 

Silver Jubilee Park Community Cycle Club

Saturdays & Tuesdays

TBC – details to follow shortly.

Meeting Point: The Hub Building, Silver Jubilee Park, WV14 9SZ

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling and led rides Bikes available for use (first come first served basis)

Wolverhampton Bike Shed CCC

Wolverhampton Bike project recycling bikes for the community incl. maintenance training.

Contact Wolverhampton Bike Shed to enquire about bikes and maintenance in your area.

Hadley Stadium Community Cycle Club


5pm – 7pm

Meeting Point: Hadley Stadium running track, off Wilson Rd, Smethwick B66 4NL

Family cycling on the running track, Learn to ride, Get back into Cycling, ride around the track. Bikes available (first come first served basis)

BWA Community Cycle Club


11am – 12.30

Meeting Point: BWA Wellington Rd, Tipton DY4 8RS

Learn to Ride, Get back into Cycling & ride around the park. Bikes available to use. Advance Booking required Ring Syeda at BWA: 0121 557 6766

Wildside Community Cycle Club

DR BIKE : Saturday 19th October 2019 

10.30am – 2.30pm

Wildside Activity Centre, Hordern Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0HA

Offering off road led rides – Bikes available to use , Dr Bikes and cycle maintenance to the Advance booking or submit an interest Contact the Activity Centre: 01902 572240

WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day using the interactive WOW Travel Tracker. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) once a week for a month, they get rewarded with a badge. It's that easy! Take a look at this presentation for more information.

For other ideas and initiatives linked to school travel, take a look at the Black Country Schools Hub.


The go-to place for schools to find local organisations to support their physical activity provision.

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Timely data and learnings in relation to physical activity and sport in the Black Country and the added value we can offer.

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Resources and videos to support the Black Country sport & physical activity workforce, sports clubs and community organisations.

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