Creating an Active Black Country - a strategy to unite the Black Country to create active, healthier people and places - read more

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Health & Wellbeing

Champion and advocate the role being active can play in contributing to wider outcomes across the health system and tackling health inequalities

Health and wellbeing represent one of the key areas of focus for Active Black Country and it's partners. Over the next 2 years, Active Black Country will:

  1. Work across the health sector to ensure the workforce is appropriately equipped to deliver messages regarding physical activity.
  2. Collaborate at the strategic level to enable the necessary pathways to be in place to increase levels of physical activity.
  3. Identify investment opportunities to increase the capacity of the sector to tackle health inequalities.
  4. Identify gaps in knowledge and opportunities across the health and wellbeing sector to develop key insight into the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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  • How Active Should We Be?

    We’re working in partnership with organisations across the health sector to ensure that physical activity is at the top of the prevention agenda.

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  • Mental Health

    Any kind of physical activity can boost your mental health – from swimming to walking and yoga to dance.

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  • Population Health Management

    A modern approach to addressing health inequalities by taking a whole population approach to improving the management of risks of a given cohort.

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  • Social Prescribing

    Working with partners to support Black Country residents to live fitter, healthier lives by signposting them to community services which also deliver social interaction.

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  • Wider Determinants

    Our health is influenced by a wide range of diverse social, economic and environmental factors which impact on both physical and mental health.

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Timely data and learnings in relation to physical activity and sport in the Black Country and the added value we can offer.

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Resources and training material to support the Black Country sport & physical activity workforce

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