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Exercise frequency and cardiovascular outcomes in older adults

Exercise frequency and cardiovascular outcomes in older adults

Research Area
Health; Tackling Inactivity

Kyuwoong K et al; European Heart Journal

Summary of Findings
In a study conducted in South Korea, 1.1million adults over the age of 60 with no previous history of CVD were identified who underwent two consecutive national health screening from 2009 to 2012. Researchers assessed the risk of CVD between 2013-2016 according to changes in self-reported frequency of activity levels across the 2 screenings. Those who increased their rate of activity from inactive to 1-2 times per week had a significantly reduced risk of CVD, whilst older people who reduced their activity levels (from 1-2 times per week to inactive) had a higher CVD risk compared to those who maintained their frequency. 

Older people are one of the key underrepresented groups that the sector needs to engage to tackle inactivity. This study provides evidence that engaging in higher or consistent physical activity may help older adults prevent future risk for CVD events.