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What is the Black Country Rainbow Hour?

Dedicating one hour a day towards the recovery of the health and wellbeing of our children

This campaign seeks to build on and support schools through Barry Carpenters (CBE) concept of a ‘Recovery Curriculum’  that considers how the current climate is affecting our children, young people, families and colleagues. All pupils, particularly those with trauma, difficult home situations and anxiety need support now more than ever. Abrupt change can trigger stress and leave mental scars.

The Black Country Rainbow Hour seeks to prioritise the well-being of all young people across the Black Country by dedicating an hour each day to help address this current national crisis. The campaign seeks to build confidence and strengthen the support young people have had during this time through positive physical, mental, social and emotional companionship, challenge and fun.

The 7 Strands of the Black Country Rainbow Hour

The Black Country Rainbow hour has 7 strands of physical, emotional and creative activities that can support the recovery of the health and wellbeing of our children.


Fielding and Striking Activities


Ball Skills Activities


Move More Activities


Outdoor and Nature Activities


Mental wellbeing and mindfulness activities


Personal Challenges/Multi Skills Activity


Celebration and Creative Activities
linked to a theme

If you're looking for ideas for each of the Rainbow strands keep your eyes peeled for the Rainbow Book. With new editions every two weeks there are plenty of ideas for activity at school or home.

The campaign will support schools by:

Providing resources and ideas for schools to deliver during their ‘Rainbow Hour’ including the development of a regular Rainbow Hour activity booklet providing a wealth of activities for all children and young people to access.

Create a movement and encourage as many schools to sign up as possible

Share best practice on what others schools are doing for their ‘Rainbow Hour’


Schools delivering a daily rainbow hour

Pupils experiencing a daily rainbow hour
Organisations and partners supporting the rainbow hour

Co-ordinated, developed and supported by: