Black Country Rainbow Hour: providing all pupils with access to one hour of wellbeing and physical activity each day. Read more here!

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The Rainbow Booklet

Providing a range of wellbeing and physical activities to be used during Rainbow Hour

The Rainbow Booklet Special Halloween edition provides a range of wellbeing and physical activities for children and their families.

All activities within the Rainbow Booklet follow the concept of the 3C’s and are deliverable whilst following national guidance around social distancing:

  • Allows Communication (helps with healing and coping).
  • Consistently applied as young people need routine and consistency.
  • A range of activities that give pupils a sense of Control which prevents them from being consumed by emotional reactions.

The resource:

  • Can be used electronically or printed to send home for those without computer access
  • Will be updated bi-weekly with new activities.
  • Provide further links to additional material
  • Feature enabling it to be downloaded into multiple languages for EAL pupils

A new edition of the book will be released every half term containing new activities for each of the 7 strands. Each Rainbow book will have activities suitable for Early Years right the way through to pupils in Year 13.

Don't worry if you've missed previous editions of the Rainbow Book, these can be downloaded here:

Rainbow Book - Edition 1
Rainbow Book - Edition 2
Rainbow Book - Edition 3
Rainbow Book - Summer Edition 1
Rainbow Book - Summer Edition 2
Rainbow Book - Summer Edition 3
Rainbow Book - September 2020

Download a copy of the Rainbow Booklet Halloween 2020 Edition here


The Black Country Rainbow hour has 7 strands of physical, emotional and creative activities that can support the recovery of the health and wellbeing of our children.


Games Activities


Health and RSE Activities


Move More Activities


Outdoor and Nature Activities


Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activities


Personal Challenges and Competition Activities


Themed Celebration and Creative Activities

If you're looking for ideas for each of the Rainbow strands keep your eyes peeled for the Rainbow Book. With new editions every half term there are plenty of ideas for activity at school or home.


Schools delivering a daily rainbow hour

Pupils experiencing a daily rainbow hour
Organisations and partners supporting the rainbow hour

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