About Us

The Black Country has a proud record of achievement in sport and physical activity, producing UK and World leading athletes such as Olympic gymnast Kristian Thomas and Paralympic Gold Medalist Jordanne Whiley, as well as local community project winners Rise Up Yoga.

We recognise and value how sport and physical activity are part of many Black Country residents’ DNA, with physical activity being a part of their everyday lives.  We understand that there is much to do to improve the conditions and opportunities to help those who are inactive to do more.

Active Black Country is one of 43 County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) in England working to provide opportunities for people to participate in sport and physical activity across the Black Country. 

The Active Black Country Board advises the Black Country Consortium Limited, a not for profit company limited by guarantee of the strategic priorities, partnerships and actions needed to get more people taking part in sport and physical activity.

Our priority outcomes reflect the need to change behaviours, co-ordinate our offer, influence policy and secure investment. We recognise the importance of the principles of equality of opportunity and ensuring that a safe and secure environment apply to everything we do.

Our key outcomes are focused around People, Place and Business:


  • To reduce levels of obesity and inactivity by more people taking part
  • Communities getting local residents active
  • Lifelong activity habit for those early years to 18 years, supporting individual, physical and mental development
  • More people taking part due to a quality customer centric workforce


  • More People walking, jogging and cycling on a network of quality and safe routes
  • More people active using quality facilities and access to the environment and landscape
  • A quality and sustainable Club and Community infrastructure which has attracted more people into sport and physical activity including volunteering


  • A fit and agile workforce which has contributed to getting more people active and increased productivity
  • Technology being one of the motivators to encourage more people to take part including using open data
  • A vibrant sport and physical activity sector

For further information on the work of the Active Black Country Partnership email Ian Carey