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How can I make a difference?

You can download the toolkit, logo, and social media resources here, including:

  • Email signature
  • Newsletter, Email and Letter text
  • Press Releases
  • Rainbow Booklet
  • Rainbow Hour Logo
  • Social Media

Headteachers and teachers

  • Pledge your schools support
  • Plan your Rainbow Hour for all pupils at schools each day.
  • Download and share the rainbow booklet for those pupils still at home.
  • Talk to other schools about the Black Country Rainbow Hour
  • Encourage all members and external delivery partners of the school to be involved


  • Check, challenge and encourage your primary school if they are not involved to provide a daily Rainbow Hour of activities.
  • Share and promote your Black Country Rainbow Hour ideas and activities on social media in newsletters and on your school’s website

Parents/carers and Family

  • Use the Rainbow Booklet to ensure children and young people at home can experience the Rainbow Hour every day.
  • Check, challenge and encourage your primary school if they are not involved to provide a daily Rainbow Hour of activities.
  • Encourage your children to share what activities they did in their Rainbow Hour each day.


  • Utilise your education networks to raise awareness of the campaign and encourage schools to pledge their support
  • Utilise networks to promote innovative ideas for rainbow hours and local best practice.

External School Deliverers 

  • Take a look at the Rainbow Booklet for some ideas and inspiration!
  • Encourage schools you are working in to take sign up and pledge their commitment
  • Be creative with your delivery in schools. Use the rainbow themes to develop your activity sessions and be part of the Schools Rainbow Hour!


The Black Country Rainbow hour has 7 strands of physical, emotional and creative activities that can support the recovery of the health and wellbeing of our children.


Games Activities


Health and RSE Activities


Move More Activities


Outdoor and Nature Activities


Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activities


Personal Challenges and Competition Activities


Themed Celebration and Creative Activities

If you're looking for ideas for each of the Rainbow strands keep your eyes peeled for the Rainbow Book. With new editions every half term there are plenty of ideas for activity at school or home.


Schools delivering a daily rainbow hour

Pupils experiencing a daily rainbow hour
Organisations and partners supporting the rainbow hour