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Measures of Success

We have revised our approach to performance management and ensuring we can robustly evidence:

  1. The impact of our work against strategic objectives?
  2. What is the value we are providing?
  3. Collective impact across the Black Country?

The Performance Management Framework supporting the development of the ‘Towards An Active Black Country Strategic Framework’ allows for an intelligence led approach to sport and physical activity development across the region. Enabling ABC to develop targeted, intelligence-led priorities which underpins the delivery of the Strategic Framework and realise other strategic objectives.

The revised Performance Management Framework quantifies the ambitions for the area based on agreed headline strategic outcomes indicators based on the partnership’s strategic objectives. The partnerships logic chain model will be utilised to demonstrate clearly the linkages from inputs via levels of investment to outputs and the impact of this activity on the outcomes required.

An operational view of success measures will be provided through the proxy measures across the 4 priority themes. An integrated dashboard will provide an essential view of financial measures with the non-financial objectives including stakeholder satisfaction allied with the learnings generated via the Black Country Insight Hub.

For more information please email Ian Carey or Michael Salmon.


Timely data and learnings in relation to physical activity and sport in the Black Country and the added value we can offer.

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Resources and training material to support the Black Country sport & physical activity workforce

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