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Older Age Adults

We know that 36% of people aged 55+ are currently inactive compared to 26% of the population as a whole.

Across the Black Country we also know that 36.6% of those aged 55 – 74 years of age are inactive. Additionally, 56% of those aged 75+ are inactive across the Black Country.

We also know that the over 55s age group is a diverse group and a 55-year-old might not have much in common with a 75-year-old.

There are big differences in perceptions, experiences, motivations and capabilities among this diverse age range.

Therefore, we will be exploring a range of initiatives, projects and innovative solutions that aim to tackle inactivity among older aged adults.

Older aged adults are another key underrepresented group for Active Black Country as physically active older people have higher levels of mobility and a lower of risk of disease than those who are inactive. Ill health often means the loss of independence, social isolation, depression and a range of other long term health conditions. For more information on Disability/Long Term Health Conditions click here.

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