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ABC Insight

Active Black Country are widely regarded as an insight-led Active Partnership.  Our hosting arrangement with Black Country Consortium Ltd and our service level agreement with the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit provide us with timely access to the latest data and intelligence and additional capacity towards our monitoring and evaluation offer.

We also utilise our in-house capacity to prioritise the development and capturing of insight throughout the course of the year. This is manifested in the following ways:

Quarterly Thematic Briefings: summarising the unique learnings that have been captured and consultation carried out across each theme (Communities, Education, Health & Wellbeing and Workforce, Skills & Employment) over the course of a 3-month period

ABC Insight Reports: standalone reports that have been generated from the identification of an insight gap, either locally or across the sector, to get under the skin of a given topic and stimulate both debate and action. No insight report is published without an internal implementation plan that sets out clear and achievable steps to make best use of the findings.