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Downloadable Learnings

  • Programme Management Learnings

    Feedback gathered from a Satellite Club project operating in the Black Country identified that a number of the attendees had reported that they found it difficult to complete the requested paperwork, mainly due to English not being their first language, but also due to literacy levels in some cases.


  • Faith and Sport

    In July 2019, Active Black Country held the inaugural BC Faith and Sport Forum, at which faith-based organisations from across the four Local Authority areas convened to discuss using their roles as trusted sources within the community to deliver positive messages and programmes related to tackling inactivity and improving levels of health and wellbeing. ABC used the event as an opportunity to collect insight into the existing delivery capacity amongst these groups and to gain an understanding of the barriers preventing them from pursuing such a course of action.


  • Friar Park Millennium Centre Consultation

    Located at the heart of one of our Priority Wards, Friar Park Millennium Centre is an essential community organisation that provides a wide range of opportunities for local people including youth services, adult education, bingo and employment and welfare advice. To fully understand the importance of the facility to local people, and with a view to developing an evidence base that could contribute to future funding applications for capital improvements, Active Black Country and Friar Park Millennium Centre co-designed and undertook a comprehensive programme of consultation that sought to get under the skin of local attitudes.


  • Sandwell and Wolverhampton Inter-Faith Networks

    Following the first Black Country Faith and Sport Forum in the summer of 2019, Active Black Country have looked to build on the positive momentum that was accrued and develop a series of inter-faith networks across the four Local Authority areas. These forums are key networks as ABC look to understand the needs and capacity of an emerging physical activity workforce that is far wider and more nuanced than traditional sport-specific coaches. ABC are using these networks to carry out consultation and collate informative insight into the existing health-related services that faith centres provide and the barriers preventing them from developing these offers further.


  • Active Travel for LSEG Communities

    There are a number of significant infrastructure developments planned across the Black Country to encourage a mode shift from vehicle usage to cycling/walking. However, through our consultation ABC have identified important considerations that need to be made with such initiatives to re-educate, motivate and build the confidence of people, in particular those from deprived communities and those with complex needs, to have access to requisite knowledge, resources and ability to utilise and maximise the forthcoming infrastructure.


  • Police and Crime Commissioner – Violent Crime Reduction Unit

    In Summer 2019 £600,000 was invested in reducing the risk of young people in the West Midlands committing and being victims of violent crime over the summer holidays. ABC partnered with the West Midlands PCC to commission organisations to provide free and accessible activity for young people in high risk areas. The coordinated approach across the wider West Midlands provided valuable learnings for commissioning of future programmes and ultimately reduced youth crime whilst demonstrating the power of sport as a tactic for diversion.