Data and Intelligence

We have a lot of information, which forms a wealth of data and intelligence, most of which is produced for us by the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit.  You can download and view the information by clicking the links below:

The following data and intelligence has been produced by Active Black Country and the Black Country Economic Intelligence Unit, and must must be acknowledged if used.


Black Country Sportivate Delivery          Black Country Sportivate Delivery        Black Country Sportivate Delivery
- Deprivation                                              - BME                                                             - Income and Employment Barriers

  Sportivate Map - Deprivation                  Sportivate Map - BME             Sportivate Map - Income and Employment


Satellite Clubs vs Ethnicity and                Female and Inclusive Satellite
Deprivation - May 2017                              Clubs - May 2017

Satellite Clubs vs Ethnicity and Deprivation                 Female and Inclusive Satellite Clubs

Primary PE & Sport Premium Data

Primary PE and Sport Premium Infographic

Active Lives 2018 Data

Black Country Active Lives data

Black Country Active Lives Data (graphics)